Shopify Stores Need Blogs?

Opportunities for ranking for Shopify stores are no longer limited to the product pages. Google says that shopify blogs with targeted keywords shall be given priority too. For example, searching for books will also lead to the ranking of a blog that reads ’10 good books to read this summer’. So, Shopify store owners now need to rethink their content and ensure that they include more and more opportunities to rank and not limit themselves to the products pages for ranking.

Just a little homework before you begin:

  • Identify the high value keywords that are more likely to generate traffic
  • Manually review intent – are these informational, transactional or both?
  • Inventory your site content
  • Optimize your content
  • Create new content with informational value
  • Create engaging content
  • Find out the most commonly ranked topics for your kind of business

Make sure your Shopify store does not miss the opportunities offered for ranking your store!

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