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Mobile browsing is the mainstream now and a mobile optimized website is a good to have. Mobile apps however have become almost a mandate for businesses. It’s a known fact that apps create greater engagement within their audience. This is exactly why more and more mobile optimized sites are now turning into mobile apps. WordPress mobile app can be easily created and your business can take the advantage of a greater reach among your audience. A WordPress mobile app gives you the power of publishing in your pockets.

A WordPress mobile app helps you stay updated with your blog and stay organized and on track.

WordPress for iOS

WordPress for iOS helps you work on your WordPress site or blog straight from your mobile device. You can publish blog updates from any corner of the world and edit any post or page from anywhere! You can also take a sneak peek at the stats during your morning commute and keep yourself always updated about what’s going on – on your site. You can also catchup with your favourite sites and join conversations anywhere. Push notifications enable you to keep up with your site’s activity at any time.

WordPress for Android

With a WordPRess app for Android too, you can receive notifications, keep a check on the comments and reactions of your users and keep up with your site’s statistics.

WordPress for Blackberry

With WordPress for Blackberry, you can upload videos, posts as well as edit pages. It can either work with WordPress.com or use WordPress sites. It takes just a few minutes to download and is absolutely free too.

Similarly, WordPress can be adopted on Windows phones too. It has all the features to ensure that your website has all the features that are required to maintain a WordPress site and stay tuned with all the activity happening on the site. It acts like an easy publishing tool that can be used from your palm top! Managing websites and publishing content has never been so easy!

In a world where mobility and agility are talked about so much, a WordPress mobile app gives you all the tools you need to keep your WordPress site in sync with the latest and greatest from the industry and the latest and the greatest from a technology point of view too.

It gives you a whole new world of features to work with!

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