What things to Include on Landing Page? By Admin 09th Jul 2011 12:22 PM, In Search Engine Optimization

Some tips to create an attractive and effective landing page are being listed below:

1] Everything included on the landing page should be such that it grabs visitor’s attention leading to a specific call of action.

2] Everything on the page should be such that any visitor can perform any action easily.

3] Proper Search Engine Optimization should be done on landing pages. Proper keywords, page title and heading should be used which most people search to find some products or services.

4] Too much of information and choices should not be practiced such as unnecessary links, lots of navigation options or many unwanted buttons. This may divert or irritate visitors because of which they may leave the site.

5] To have a good picture about your landing page at the very beginning is to have an attractive and professional web design on it.

6] The first thing to be noticed is your headline which should be perfect. The small mistake in this can affect the conversion rate.

7] Present something useful and unexpected to your visitors like including thank you page, or including a link to the useful case study, or an invite to join an instant poll.

These are some basic tips which should be considered while designing and developing the landing page of your website.

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