Website Usability is Important for SEO By Admin 13th Mar 2012 12:01 PM, In Search Engine Optimization

Whether you are a web designer, a web developer or a SEO expert, the ultimate aim of your website is usability for the end user! That’s right – a website is only useful if end users can easily navigate and understand it’s purpose and flow. Well, Search engine optimization (SEO), also aims at giving a searcher what he is looking for by optimizing our website accordingly and presenting it’s link to him at the top of search results.

Here are a few things you can check for your website usability:

  • Once users land on your website, can they complete intended tasks with ease?
  • Do users spend a lot of time clicking around to find information?
  • You need to analyse the “hindrances” that caused the user not to find what he wanted.
  • It is important to analyse how many steps the user required to complete the task he intended to.
  • Once on your site, how easily the user “learns” how to use it?

So, analyse well and prepare your site to be usable by the end user. All your SEO, design and development efforts shall be fruitful!

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