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Over a period of time, the need for speed in every aspect of our lives has increased. Internet and websites are not an exception! Especially if you own an online business, it’s very important that your users be able to navigate and select products with ease and at a good pace. If your website takes forever to load, remember – there are many others out there providing the same products to customers!

Let alone user experience (ofcourse it’s a very important factor) – but search engines also rank pages depending on speed. What will a search engine do if it sees two similar pages with different speeds? Right – rank the one that loads faster – higher! So, website speed is an important SEO Factor.

Let’s take a look at how you could enhance the speed of your web site:

  • Server side caching: Use server side caching so as to save time when dynamic pages need to build the webpage to display.
  • HTTP requests: make pages load faster by reducing the number of internal HTTP requests such as style scripts, images etc. this enhances the website speed – good for SEO!
  • Images: compress images, use appropriate naming, optimize images for search engines, etc.
  • Gzip: Gzip compresses the size of the page and then uncompresses it while displaying it for user.
  • 301 Redirects: 301 redirects are used when URLs are permanently changed, it takes a while to return with the redirected URL.

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