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Search engine Rankings are the focus of any website activity, be it design, development, marketing – anything. Right – if you inculcate the basic webmaster guidelines throughout the development, design and go live process there is no way that you shall not be ranked! Google does not play favorites! In fact it has a carefully thought of algorithm to follow. And the ultimate aim is to enhance the searchers’ experience and give them quality results. Isn’t your online business working towards the same goal? To provide your users / customers quality products and services and attract them to your website?

Let’s look at some search engine ranking factors for website content:

  • As stated and re-stated by webmaster guidelines – write content for users not search engines. Make the content easy to read, understand and ensure that it conveys the message across to the website visitor.
  • Quality Content: Maintain an unparalleled uniqueness and quality in your content. No duplicity. Let’s re-iterate – No Duplicity!
  • Keywords: Yes, do use keywords for optimization. But use them purely for optimization – do not over stuff keywords. It is considered as spam by search engines.
  • Keep your website content up to date with the latest information and offers. No customer would like to read an offer that was around decades back!
  • Lastly, space out your website content; do not cram it with graphics and animations and text all in one place! Clutters are difficult to read you know!

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