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Your website design is the aspect that creates a positive or negative impression on your website visitor. Ensure that you make the most of it. Take advantage of the flexibility and scalability it offers and create for yourself an online presence that your website deserves.

Now, while you create an attractive and most compelling web design, there are certain aspects you must remember to avoid! Yes, these sound like really good ideas, but are actually a hindrance in a good web browsing experience. Lets take a look at a few web design mistakes that you must certainly avoid making yourself:

  • Ensure that your website is easily navigable and users can tell at a glance what it is about.
  • Do not use to much of animations
  • Auto play music? NO. Do not auto play anything. Give visitors a choice to play it for themselves.
  • Video yes use a video, but again users must have a choice to play it.
  • Avoid very lengthy pages and too much scrolling – even right-left scrolling is bad.
  • In short, do not force users to listen to, view or read anything – give them an option, they came to your page interested in your products/services, they will definitely read/listen to/view information they require!

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