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Advertising websites helps a blogger to earn money by joining Pay per Click sites which actually pays back for putting advertisements on the blog. And the best thing about it, you can join these sites free of cost once your site gets approved. Whenever the ads placed on your website are being clicked by anyone to visit your site, you will get paid for it. But one important thing to keep in mind is you are not allowed to click your own ads.

Top five advertising websites which a blogger should consider to make good profit by their blogs are listed below –

  1. Google Adsense: Adsense is the number one website for the advertisement purpose for publishers who want to monetize their blogs and websites. Other than clicks on the ads, it also pays you for the impressions that your website create per banner.
  2. Bidvertiser: It is also very good advertising website which is totally a PPC market and only pays for valid clicks. If you are able to maintain a good traffic on your blog, you can earn more than Google Adsense. One of the most important advantages of this website is its payout as their usual payout is $10 so it gets easier for new bloggers to earn money.
  3. Adbrite: This is another advertising site which is basically for those bloggers who face difficulty in making profits through Google Adsense because of some strict terms and conditions of it. This site pays you according PPC and CPM Methods.
  4. Chitika: It’s a new site and it shows the ads when a visitor comes to the website particularly via search engines. Here the relative ads are shown to the visitors based on the search and so there are more chances for the visitor to click on the ads.
  5. Infolinks: It is an inbound text linking ad network which actually uses your content to place their advertisements. The keywords present in your website are highlighted along with that they are provided with various links to the other websites, so whenever visitors visits your website and they checks your content, he may click on the highlighted keyword and you earn your share.

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