The Rise of Memes Marketing for Brand Awareness By Admin 07th Jan 2020 1:30 PM, In Memes Marketing

Among all the trends, memes have taken over social media like none other. Over the past five years, memes have worked all over the world and have managed to engage and entice people of all ages with funny videos, movies or animations. Essentially, memes are pieces of text, images or videos that are mixed with humour and a creative idea. It gets shared over social media and improves brand reach. Memes could include anything on the internet – celebrities, animals or an image with a funny and interesting caption. Memes spread fast on social media.

That was all about what exactly memes are. Now, let’s check out how memes benefit your brand. Undeniably, memes make a really good part of your marketing mix.

Engagement: there was a time when it was recommended to post images or videos rather than plain text on social media. As times change, it is now recommended to use memes more than any other form of posting on social media. They grab more attention and are more entertaining than anything else.

Advertisements: Memes help increase sales. How? Well, it simply grabs more attention. You need to be very creative and craft the perfect lines that hit the pain points of the customers for this to work.

Entertain: You cannot come up with a smart idea or quotes every time. So, if you need to post after a long time – put up something that will instantly grab their attention.

Increase shares: If it’s good, people will share. The memes will be shared more than images and text.

Viral: Creatively crafted memes get shared on popular pages of social media and increase the chances of your post going viral.

With all those benefits, memes seem like just the thing to do on social media. But, also be aware of the risks:

● Carefully crafted memes could make your brand a superstar, but a meme gone bad could ruin your marketing strategy and business. So, if your social media strategy includes memes, think and rethink before you go ahead.

● If you are not in the habit of checking existing trends, your strategy is at risk. So, check the trending memes before you go ahead. Check the trending memes in the countries or global regions that you are targeting. You’ll get a better idea of what will be relevant for your brand and your audience.

Meme marketing is a trend – keep trying until you get it right! And then keep trying until you have a viral meme!


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