The Importance of Database Design in Web Designing By Admin 02nd May 2011 12:18 PM, In Website Design Service

Database is very necessary for any interactive website. Designing a database is the most crucial part of development. It is necessary to be designed before the actual coding begins for a high performance application

Below are some of the reasons which give the reasons of importance of good database design while website designing:-

– When a database is designed properly, only relevant data and the required information are stored. So the data is in consistent form as the layout of the table allows the data to be consistent.

– Also cascading allows in data consistency. By implementation of cascading on a parent or child table, it will be ensured that only those child records which have valid parent record will exist.

– Always a good database design is normalized. Data redundancy gets reduced and duplication is removed because of normalization which ultimately leads to lessen the size of the database. Database is stored in the server computer and every time user requests, server responds with the help of the database.

– If the database is well designed, than the queries fired will be equally simple and its execution will be simple and fast.

– The overall performance will be affected by the database design. In short the performance of the application is dependent on the design of the database.

– Also it should be well-designed so that the maintenance is easy. This is the most important issue amongst all.

So, there are many benefits of a well-planned and designed database. Before starting with the coding part of an application spending a good time with the designing of the database is a good practice.

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