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Search Engine Optimization is very important to be done for the website to improve visibility of the business in the world of internet.

Some basic steps to be considered to improve the visibility of the business brand name are discussed below:

1] Relevant keywords and phrases: Give a good thought about the keywords and most importantly the phrases to be used that you want searchers should find your business website with. For this, you can also use tools such as Google’s Adwords traffic estimation tool which gives some idea about the number the searches the terms you decided and used have generated.

2] Use of Unique Title and Description Tags: These two tags are very important as it actually informs the search engine that what kind of content is there in a particular web page. If you use same title tags and description tags for every web page than indirectly you are telling search engines that every page contains same content which is not a good practice. Always use unique and different description tags to get better results.

3] Unique Content: Write unique content regularly for your website to keep it updated. Regularly updating the blogs on your website and writing new excited stories providing useful information will definitely help to drive more traffic to your website.

4] Good Design and Layout: If your website is not having a good design and has confusing navigation than visitors will leave your website as soon as they arrive on your website. Make sure that you use good design, content focused with proper color schemes.

5] Always Use Your Own Domain Name: Always for your business website use your own domain name to make look your website more professional so that your visitors also trust you and your business. Using a domain name accordingly will make a serious difference than having a free domain.

6] Use Keywords on Images: If you are using images on your blog posts than it is important that you give your images relevant title and tag them with relevant keywords.

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