Spelling Mistakes and Search Engine Ranking Factors By Admin 19th Oct 2011 6:20 PM, In Search Engine Optimization

When you write content for your website, you have to ensure that your content is well written. Now, well – written does not only mean that you use creative skills for writing and include puns, and antithesis and all such creative writing tricks. Well, a well – written text contents’ foremost requirement is that it be free of spelling mistakes and grammar errors. Imagine a really looking website blotched with words misspelled! What a sad site that would be! And Grammar errors that changes the meaning of the sentences! That’s pretty bad too and very annoying for a reader!

Other than the irritation spelling and grammar mistakes cause to readers, search engines aren’t very much in favour of these sites too. The mark this as a serious quality factor and the consequence is reduction in ranking. The recent updates to Google’s algorithm saw drastic actions to low quality sites. Spelling mistakes were marked as the don’ts in the SEO Services. So, to give your readers and search engines good content to read and index, avoid spelling mistakes in your written content on your website!

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