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Social bookmarking has been around for quite some time now. You can add your favorite site and add a relevant tag – this makes it easy for you as well as everyone in your network to find websites and resources on the internet. It is most appropriate to think that Social Bookmarking can be used as a powerful Search Engine Optimization technique. With the numerous social bookmarking sites around, it makes it easy for SEO experts to derive their advantages for gaining visibility and establishing an online presence for you.

Advantages of are numerous. For starters let us take a look at a few of them.

  • With social bookmarking, Google is able to index your page quickly.
  • You get relevant back links – the most important part.
  • And you guessed the third one right – you get increased traffic to your website!
  • What’s more – it does not cost you – it’s free!
  • With this powerful tool, you can establish an unparalleled online presence and gain visibility for your website.

Search engines crawl social websites such as digg Reddit, StumblUpon, etc. When you bookmark your site on these websites, you can be sure that you get valuable back links and hence enhance the chances of increasing your rankings. Visitors to these social websites can be diverted to your website. And in turn increase your conversion rate too! With your bookmarks visible to all members of the website, your website gets a global visibility and generates website traffic for your website. However, with social bookmarking, be very cautious. If you over do it, you can be labeled as a spammer and Google does not index spamming websites! So use this tool judiciously and you shall get results, misuse brings your website and hence your online business down!

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