SEO Service Provider Working Guidelines By Admin 16th Mar 2012 12:17 PM, In Search Engine Optimization

Finding a reliable SEO Service Provider is a task in itself. After all you are placing all your business’s information and future in their hands. So, while outsourcing SEO, remember a few things that you must include in a work agreement. If it is someone you know, or have worked with before, all’s well. Not really you still require a formal work agreement. So, here are a few things to include in a work agreement. Although this is not a legal advice, you would require to consult a legal advisor for the same. These are just pointers to what can be included.

  • Contact Information: Whether you contact a small SEO service provider or a large SEO firm, having one contact person for communication is important. So detail all the contact information documented.
  • Project lifetime: Decide upon the time you would like to avail services. Also define the terms under which the project stands cancelled.
  • Scope of work and Payments: Clearly define what type of activities you would like the SEO Service Provider to engage in. Also define the payment options and mode.
  • Confidentiality of Information: Add a clause stating that the information is confidential and consequences if not abided by.
  • There should also be details for dispute resolutions and any legal matters.

Well, these are just pointers as to what you could include in a work agreement. Get appropriate advice and cover all the important points.

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