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Let us dedicate a few minutes to investigate the two most popular platforms, PHP Web Development  and ASP.NET. Frankly, we are not trying to establish that one is better than the other. This is just a comparative analysis. All web development languages work on one basic concept – to query the database server and provide the output to the web server and finally to the web browser. Similarly, access the file system for content and images, and interact with the OS on the web servers. Now, with this basic in mind, choice of programming language is up to the skills of the developer and the favored technology of the organization. However to make your decision easy, here are a few comparisons.


• PHP is very stable hence efficient. • PHP is easy to work with. • PHP being open source, does not have loads of updates so developers can work this robust platform. • Runs on Apache Server – which is also very stable. • Compatible with IIS 6 and 7. • Has a huge and passionate development community.


• Well supported due to the fact that it is proprietary software. • Well maintained with regular updates. • Works on a Microsoft OS platform, hence performance can be tuned at OS level and improved. • Runs on IIS. • Provides for better separation between design and application logic. This is a very basic attempt to compare the two. After all the decision lies with the firm who wish to implement a technology.

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