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Due to the frequent operating system updates, changing market conditions and the continually increasing competition, many apps tend to become irrelevant soon. While it’s a fact that these changes are inevitable – and there is no way to future proof mobile apps, there are a few mobile application development steps you can take to ensure that your apps are sustainable – for long term if not forever.

Build an app to solve a real problem

This is a very crucial step in mobile apps development. Never build an app for the sake of it. The app must be an answer to some pressing problem that has been impacting your business. It should address real needs of real people. The first big step is to understand who the users of these apps will be and how it will solve their problems. This is the foundation of building a successful app.

Practice scalable design

This is a really good practice in theory, but very difficult to implement practically. This requires you to define your product roadmap clearly. This will enable you to develop the product with enough flexibility for future product iterations and features so that it sustains industry changes, market changes as well as fulfills customer demands.

Take into consideration user feedback

In order to develop a sustainable product, it is important to take into consideration customer’s feedback. Often, a minimum viable product is launched and then changes are made as per the feedback received from the users. This ensures that the product is exactly as per the customer’s requirements and meets the business requirements too.

Release and update often

The most effective way to ensure that your app remains relevant in the market – long term, is to update and release frequently. As mentioned earlier, gathering user feedback and reiterating the product to include the changes is a great way to create a product that will add value to your business by satisfying customer needs. Make sure that you change the roadmaps often and ensure that you app keeps evolving as per the new requirements. This process is continuous and there is improvement in the produce after every new release and the product becomes more and more stable.

While there will always be a number of external factors that affect the longevity of your mobile application, there are a number of things you could take into consideration to ensure that you have a strong foundation to build your app upon. Following best practices ensures that your app has the greatest chances of surviving in this highly volatile world of technology.

Overall, defining a strong purpose for developing an app is a good place to start. Further, make sure that you address real problems and not base your app’s requirements on any kind of assumptions. Maintaining a scalable design that is flexible enough to allow addition of new features as the business grows or the market trends change will ensure that your app attains sustainable success!

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