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Both – Advertising and Promotion are the types of Marketing which are widely used nowadays. They are marketing tools and both use same techniques and strategies for doing marketing.

Advertising is a paid form of mass communication which can take a form of television, radio, magazines, newspaper, and internet placements. Its goal is not only to increase in sales in a short to mid-term but also to strengthen the brand image of the company and its products and services to develop long term sales and consumer loyalty.

Promotion is a short term strategy. The main objective of doing promotion is to build the sales in the short term. Brand building also occurs as a result of promotions. Promotions include things like giving free samples, special events or offers, providing discounts or coupons, etc.

Promotion strategy is well-suited for small or medium sized company as it is easy to set up and it provides a short term gain. So we can say that the primary objective of advertising is to create a long-term brand image and the main objective of promotion is to get maximum sales quickly. That is why; the time frame of doing promotion is shorter than that of doing advertising campaigns.

Sales promotion is the direct approach to the customers to encourage them to buy your products or services while advertising is an indirect approach towards encouraging them to buy your products or services.

Advertising and Promotion also have similarities and these tools of marketing sometimes support each other like advertising campaigns use promotions too so as to make the overall success of the campaign greater.

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