Link Wheel A Powerful SEO Strategy By Admin 21st Sep 2011 12:23 PM, In Search Engine Optimization

Link building has been around for quite some time in the field of search engine optimization. The next most powerful technique is building a Link Wheel. The concept is to get your website systematically linked to some other popular sites. Say you select six other sites (either blogging or article sites), you link site 1 to site 2, site 2 to site 3 so on and so forth until you link site 6 back to site 1. The important part in this process is to have each of these sites to also link to your website – so that you have created a wheel of linked sites, with your site in the center.

It is important that you select the sites that you are linking to with care – their popularity and credibility directly affects your website. Building a link wheel provides more back links to your website, establishes an enhanced online presence for you and increases your website’s popularity and number of visitors too! Definitely an SEO practice to try!

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