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Internet is the most powerful marketing platform. With this view acknowledged by many, it is apparent that many businesses large or small have taken this up as the basis for strategizing marketing plans and business expansion. Internet being such a boundaryless entity, it is very easy to get lost amongst the millions and millions of websites. The only ones’ that get noticed are the one’s captured by search engines and displayed in the top few results. And getting your website there is quite some work! But worry not – there are a lot of carefully formulated methodologies and techniques to help you get to the top. Link Building is one such technique.

Link Building is a comprehensive technique to strategically place the link to your website on other popular websites on the internet so as to increase visibility and attract attention of internet surfers and hence increase the possibility of converting them into customers.

To list a few commonly known Link Building Tips:

Reciprocal Link: Two websites mutually agree upon “showing” the link of the other on their website and exchange mutual traffic. The links are submitted to link exchange directories for this purpose. This is an integral part of the Search Engine Optimization Process – reason being – the search engines index pages based on their popularity too!

  • Resource Link: Since link popularity also matters, you can place your link as a resource or information on other sites.
  • Forum Signature Linking: This Link Building technique uses forums to get backlinks for your website. Utilize your signature space in these forums to add a link to your website. Forum visitors can contribute to a considerable amount of traffic for your website.
  • Blog Comments: This technique involves posting a comment on a blog and including your link for reference. The visibility of your website thus increases.
  • Directories: Submit your website link to the popular web directories. Search engines look for relevant links from web directories too!

There is no limit to imagination on how to get your website “seen” on the internet. Above are just a few tried and tested techniques. And advantages – boundless. With increased visibility, increased traffic, and increased conversion rate, Link building is a very apt SEO technique.

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