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To be able to gain customers over the internet, casual web surfers should be able to “discover” you. Let’s not leave that to luck – you would require to promote your website and be “seen” (at many places) on the internet. In technical terms, you need to establish an online presence by increasing visibility of your website! Link building is a very powerful strategy for gaining visibility and in the long run customers for your online business.

Here are a few link building SEO techniques

  • Blogging: You can start a blog. Blog readers get a link back to your website to read more about your products and services.
  • RSS Feeds: If you write articles regularly or maintain regular blogs, enable RSS feeds to increase your exposure.
  • Submit your profile to popular web directories.
  • Forums are also a very apt way of getting back links.
  • Make use of Social Bookmarking websites.
  • Social Media Websites – the whole world is there – use its potential and get maximum “likes” and “+1”s for your articles, blogs, and website profiles there to get maximum visibility.

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