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Landing pages are those pages where your potential customers are going to find themselves when they click on your online advertisement or link. This itself explains how crucial it is to get the design and the SEO right for this page. Many a times, home pages are used for landing pages – a very inappropriate practice. When your advertisement provides customers with hints to exactly what they were searching for, you do not want them to get lost amongst all the data on your entire website – redirect them exactly to the information they were looking for in the first place!

A good landing page design includes:

  • An impressive page
  • Call to action – leave some “actionable” for the customer to give them a reason to stick around and check out the offer.
  • Heading describing what exactly the offer is about (don’t write too much)!
  • Colors used must create an effect on visitors. Appropriate contrasts and blending makes visitors feel good about the website. Adds to the credibility too!
  • Maintain a consistency in design and message to be conveyed.
  • Help customers browse towards the right options. Do not clutter too many graphics and content all in one place. Especially animations!

There are several tips to follow for landing page designs. One most important thing to remember is that the Landing page is the “entrance” to your online store – give it your best design!

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