Importance of Copywriting in Web Design By Admin 25th Mar 2011 10:16 AM, In Website Design Service

Copywriting means use of written copy to promote a business or company. Its main objective is to expand client’s base of business. A website will suffer up to same level by average copy as much it suffers from poor designing.

The content on the page is the success key for increasing web traffic on your website. Good content keeps user interested to stay in your website and also give search engines something to read when they crawl to your website. Content is also important to know how website is performing in terms of visibility within the search engines.

SEO Copywriting makes the existing content more Search Engine friendly, makes the copy targeted for specific theme by utilizing keyword phrases related to content of the page, makes copy more structured and makes web pages more compatible for user as well as for search engines.

Copywriting plays an important role in providing final product of designing a website. Most web designers focus only into designing skills. Client’s prefers more to hire a designer who is capable of writing their own content and incorporating keywords. Good copywriting also ensures that your content is keyword rich as content is a strong factor to get better search engine rankings.

We, as a Web Design Company in India can say that design and copywriting are two sides of the same coin which are totally inseparable. The visitor who comes to visit a website doesn’t see design and content of the website differently; he/she sees a total website. A web design without content is actually of no use as good content leads to design which is more effective and original.

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