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To maintain consistency during Web designing is the thumb rule for any website.

Layout of the website should be consistent enough as it shows the overall outlook of the website and also reflects the work nature of the web designer. Layout of the website refers to the basic framework and structure of the website. It determines where the text content, navigation, graphic images and other important elements are to be placed on the website. While designing of the website is all about using of fonts, colors and images on the web pages of website.

Consistency maintained on layout and design of the website makes easy for the visitor to easily navigate the website. While browsing from one page to the other, visitors do not feel that they have landed up on a different website, when the main elements remain the same. To use a Web Template for designing your website is good way to maintain consistency in your website.

Websites should be consistent internally as well as externally. Internal consistency refers to standards and conventions should be applied and established throughout all the content while external consistency refers to consistency with general practice.

If the objects of the website having same functions are grouped together, its functions will be understood and remembered easily. One good method of ensuring consistency in your website is using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). By defining standard style properties in another document, it is possible to achieve the same look and feel of all web pages that use the same style sheet.

Consistency is very important in web design because it makes the reader to do less thinking which saves their time and your visitor wants to find the information he needs quickly. If the site is inconsistent, it slows down their surfing speed by which they tend to lose interest in your website.

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