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If written content is crawled by search engines, then why place graphics on the website, why not utilize that space for more keyword rich text content? Wrong – Images and graphics can be search engine optimized too! Here’s how Image Optimization works :

It’s good to know that the keywords can be applied to images too! By using these techniques mainly using HTML, you can modify your website code to add keyword rich descriptions for your images.

  • ALT Attribute: ALT attribute essentially includes a keyword or two that most aptly describes the image. It is placed within the HTML code itself. This makes it easy for the search engine crawlers to crawl the images too. Even if the image does not load on any particular web browser, the ALT text is enough to let the search engine spiders know that there is one there! It applies to viewers too – viewers also know that there is an image there.
  • Text Link: This is used when you would like to link an image to a web page.
  • File name: For Images use “keyword.JPG” type names rather than DC123456.JPG.This helps in Image Optimization.

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