How to Select a Domain Name That Will Improve Your SEO? By Admin 19th May 2011 1:04 PM, In Search Engine Optimization

Selecting a right domain name is very important for a company as mostly people want their domain to reflect their business name, or what their business does and if possible at all they wish to include one or even more targeted keywords. Even this make your company domain name more memorable.

Any domain registration service providing domain names will provide a tool which can be used that which related domain names are available. Search engine rankings plays very important role these days which means it is necessary to select a Search Engine Optimization friendly domain name.

While choosing a domain name for your company, to consider the following points are recommended:-

  1. It is important that .com name is selected whenever it is possible. This is necessary because most of the users tend to think in terms of .com rather than any other extension and also other extensions are hard to remember for them. Also .com extensions name receives higher rankings in Search Engines than any other extensions.
  2. Keep it short and snappy. Two or three words are sufficient enough but using a long domain name is not a good practice.
  3. It is not a good practice to use numbers in your domain name. It is also not advisable to use hyphens.
  4. It is good if you add your location in your domain name as most of the people search by location in most of the search engines.

So these things should be considered while choosing the right domain name. The process of choosing needs careful considerations when you are thinking of starting a new website. To select a SEO friendly domain name is one of the key factors that contribute to the success of the website.

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