Has SEO Service Changed Over the Years? By Admin 10th Feb 2012 5:50 PM, In Search Engine Optimization

How long has SEO been around? Quite some time now, since 1995 some or the other form of search engine optimization was around. So, has SEO changed? Is it still the same? Well, to get straight to the point, SEO has changed. Reason being – SEO Service has also changed since.

Search engines initially weren’t very advanced. All search results were displayed in alphabetical order. Optimizing your web page was easy! Post that; things got a little difficult. Search engines paid attention to keywords. SEO service meant optimizing for the most appropriate keywords. And success was yours! Search engines got smarter at ranking and all. They now looked at meta tags too. Then came the era of linking. SEO service changed again. Finally, blogging and baiting became important. By this time, social bookmarking and social networking got popular. Well, the latest buzz is “quality”. Without quality, there is no value in any other SEO activity.

So, if you feel SEO service has changed – it has. And now it has a much wider scope and is a more challenging task. Competition is higher too. With today’s scenario, both search engines and SEO’s need to work hand in hand to be beneficial to both.

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