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When you work on a web design, web development or any aspect of a website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) just cannot be ignored. You must keep in mind the various factors of SEO while building a website. We all know that user experience is by far the most important part of a web design. Findability is one important aspect that leads to a great user experience. While you design, hence, make sure that you make the navigation so easy that users can “find” what they are looking for with ease on your website.

Secondly, it is important for every Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional to study search behaviour before strategizing. It is noted that some searchers search exact keywords and find an exact website, locate the exact service/product that they were looking for and then make a purchase and leave. That is a perfect scenario. But searcher behaviour is more complex than that. Evaluating how users search and why is an important part of SEO. Well, it is not about just ranking well, it is getting the right pages from your website to show up in the search results for the right search terms. Well, that topic can continue to be a very long discussion.

For now, let us all remember that user experience in terms of findability, in terms of searching and getting to the right pages and right results can be achieved by combined efforts of web design, Development and Search Engine Optimization professionals.

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