Few Search Engine Optimization Tips By Admin 03rd Jul 2012 4:09 PM, In Search Engine Optimization

Google strives to provide it’s users with the most relevant and high quality results. Users searching for any product, service or information also expect to get the most relevant search results. And SEO’s are striving to get their websites as understandable by Google as possible, so that Google can rank them well. So, in a nutshell everyone is striving for quality. Search Engines, website owners and Search Engine Optimization experts.

Well, with the recent rollout of the Penguin update, Google tried to thrash out the spam from the search results. Ensuring the users get quality websites while they look for information. Here are the things that Google will definitely like about your websites:

  • Link Quality: The quality, authority of the links that are linking to your website shall definitely be checked.
  • Content on your website has always been the king, and will always remain of top priority. Quality, relevant content shall be a plus! Well, no scraping, no duplicating and no content farms. Just plain good content that explains uses what your site is about and what you sell or what services you provide.
  • Unnatural links are another way to get your website in Google’s bad books.
  • Finally, always remember, that your website must be perfect on it’s own and not a modified version after every algorithmic change from Google. We are not chasing the algorithm and then tuning the website. We as Search Engine Optimization Experts always must run a fine tuning for the quality of the website, the content and the links- ranks shall automatically follow!

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