Duplicate Content And Internet Marketing By Admin 18th Nov 2011 6:14 PM, In Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a tricky business. Getting to the top of search results involves many factors. Content needs to be carefully written and needs to be unique, lest you find yourself getting a lower rank for duplicate content! So, what exactly is duplicate content that is posing this kind of hindrance in Internet marketing?

Substantially similar content when crawled by search engine spiders is labeled as duplicate content. It’s a known fact that search engines are continuously looking for fresh content for indexing and ranking. So, if such duplicate content is encountered by search engine spiders, the algorithm needs to analyze which one gets top ranking! There are many scenarios where duplicate content may unintentionally occur on your website. One very classic example is the product description pages, where you directly take the descriptions from the manufacturer’s site.

Well, if you are publishing duplicate content of the web intentionally, you are on your own! For those others, check out the impact of such content on your Internet Marketing strategies and take appropriate actions:

  • Search engines shall choose the page that it wants to rank for that content (your page may be left out!)
  • Other criteria used are domain age, authority and number of links which may not be in your favour.
  • You page does not get the rank it deserves! And your internet marketing strategies are negatively impacted!

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