Domain Age And Ranking Factors By Admin 31st Oct 2011 6:32 PM, In Search Engine Optimization

Is domain age considered as an important ranking factor by Google? This has been a question bothering me for quite some time. Well, I thought I’d look around a bit for some answers and indeed found some pretty good insight into this matter. It’s not about how old the domain is, and a direct equation to a higher ranking. That’s definitely not how the math around this works. Google is constantly looking for data that gives them clues to whether a particular website is a quality result for end users or not.

There are some spammers out there who register a domain for a short period of time, misuse the service and at the end of the registered period, they no longer need the website. That is one reason why Google thinks it is necessary to check the domain age. A legitimate domain user will register in advance for a longer period of time. There are a lot of arguments about this particular ranking factor, there are varied opinions too. Some say that it should not at all be a ranking factor, some say it should be, and yet some think that it should be a really minor factor.

Image Source: Google

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