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E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which is done using electronic messages to communicate all commercial messages to an audience. It is a tried and tested method used for promoting blogs.

But nowadays, many bloggers and business people are confused enough whether e-mail marketing works on blog promotions or not anymore.

Some of the reasons which can be responsible for being the reason that why e-mail marketing is not working nowadays are:

1] The E-mail lists are mostly unreliable as at times people subscribe to the e-mail lists without thinking or caring what kind of information they will be receiving just to get freebie that is offered. Also it is hard to evaluate the response rate of the list subscribers when you buy the list as the content providers never ask user for permission before giving their e-mail ids out to subscriber list.

2] The e-mail addresses should be proper and validated which is only then considered clean so that your e-mail doesn’t bounce. Unless user opts for your e-mails they don’t want to receive it. Unsolicited e-mails are considered as spams.

3] Other reasons which may be considered as the reasons of e-mail marketing not working optimally these days are:

  • Most of the newsletters concentrate mainly on promoting products and offers rather than providing good useful content.
  • Unprofessional and sloppy design or content creates bad impression on readers which may not interest them henceforth.
  • Grammatical errors, spelling errors, etc can also create bad impression of the promoter and the company brand name.
  • E-mail that contains content that is not focused on the target market will not appeal users much.

So, e-mail marketing strategy is not so effective nowadays as it used to be before which means today you cannot expect good web traffic by the means of marketing through sending promotional e-mails.

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