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The #lockdown has had an impact on every walk of life. Schools have closed, colleges and educational institutes are also locked down and over 1.5 billion students have no other alternative than to stay at home. This gives rise to another looming problem – screen time. Thousands of students resort to screens and are glued to their computers.

While it is a great inconvenience for many, it has created a spike in online learning. There are educational institutions that are introducing online training and classes.

The crisis – for learning 

Corona virus has forced children to stay at home without any clear plan or agenda. Due to the emergency decision, neither teachers nor parents were prepared to handle this kind of situation. Even so, we assumed that the crisis would pass soon. No one expected that as the virus progressed from one region to another, the lockdown kept extending making it imperative that teachers and academic institutes make plans for continuity. It has become apparent that this lockdown is not going away any soon and schools and colleges are scrambling to provide new ways of imparting education to students. This is where online classes and eLearning is gaining importance. ELearning will enable students to catchup and resume academics without any gap once the crisis is over. It’s not only about university students or college students who are well equipped – it’s even for little kids, where teachers are taking all the efforts to create online platforms for their students to learn and not miss out on learning while they stay at home. They feel that it’s the ‘good’ kind of screen time too!

Rise of online learning platforms

Technology plays a very important role during times of crisis. While the educators strive to do everything in their power to ensure that learners do not suffer, technology platforms are being developed by IT to enable eLearning services. Many platforms that are readily available are offering special ‘free’ packages or discounted prices. Many schools and colleges are turning towards customized eLearning platforms that will cater to their specific curriculum requirements. Customized elearning platforms are developed with the school’s requirements in mind with features that are unique to their methods of learning.

It’s not only about schools and education institutes – many businesses too have their employees stuck at home and see this as an opportunity to provide up-skills training. Businesses are developing customized training online to ensure that the time at home for their employees proves to be an enriching – learning experience!

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