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Where there are people who really work hard to get their websites to the top of search engine rankings, there exist those who do not! They prefer the ways in which they can manipulate search engines to believe that they got certain amount of traffic – cause they know that increased traffic shall bring them increased number of customers and higher ranking! Click farms is one such practice. Of course it is not good.

Here’s how click farms work. A bunch of people are hired to click on your website, browse internal links, stay on the web page for a certain amount of time, – basically fulfilling all the criteria to qualify as a “website visitor” and not create a bounce for the website. This is fraud as you can plainly see. These hired people may even signup for news letters, or signup to receive updates via email. They pose and behave exactly how a real visitor would behave!

Google frowns upon such practices, well, think about SEO ethics – there are several practices that can get you success in SEO organically. Don’t waste time and money with black hat SEO.

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