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Magento is an open source platform for developing ecommerce websites. Magento framework offers a wide range of possibilities and allows customers to enhance and build businesses online. As it is open source, developers have access to the code and can customize the website to achieve the desired functionality. This gives the users of the website a unique shopping experience. Also developers are continuously contributing to the Magento framework to create add-ons which can be used later in a number of websites by users across the globe. Many companies offer Magento development services so that store owners can have an online shopping business set up easily.

Magento was released just a few years back, that is, in 2008 and in just a few years has gained tremendous popularity in the ecommerce website development. It is the most popular choice today with each new version that is released. It is too early to say that Magento is the future of ecommerce but as each version is being released many new features are being added to the framework making it the first choice among other software.

There are a number of versions to choose from in Magento. There is the free community version and the pricey enterprise version. The free community version has functionality good enough for customers with a new startup to customers who have a huge online business with about thousands of products to sell online. To decide which version you should go for you can hire a Magento developer who will guide you through each and every development stage. Developing websites using Magento has its advantages and here are a few reasons to use Magento development services or consulting before you start your online store.

  • Experienced and well trained staff
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Shopping cart development experience with thousands of products online
  • Creative website themes
  • Hassle free contract process

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